The Man From Mope

September 3, 2008

So how does Holy Joe Lieberman feel about the news that his favorite Republican presidential candidate didn’t just frost him on the veep spot, but gave it to a Jesus-whooping chucklehead whose church hosts appearances by the likes of David Brickner, founder of Jews for Jesus? A guy who thinks anti-Israel terrorism is God’s tut-tutting over the refusal of Jews to get with the program?

And David Weigert just compared Lieberman and McCain to Larry and Moe. The only way this could get better would be if Sarah Palin got kicked back to the tundra and McCain gave the veep spot to — Alan Keyes. You laugh? We’ll see.

The needle on my Schadenfreude meter just went into the red zone. I feel faint! Medic! Medic!


4 Responses to “The Man From Mope”

  1. Chucky Says:

    The Senator from Israel got hot and bothered? He couldn’t be veep because the Christian fundamentalists ordered McCain to pick Sarah Palin.

    As for Mrs. Palin? Her background just gets better and better …

    Eldest daughter is getting married to a boyfriend who knocked her up (various)

    Hired a lawyer to stall an investigation into why she fired her ex-brother-in-law from the Alaska State Police (various)

    As mayor of Wasilla, fired the police chief, tried to get rid of the town librarian and sought advice on banning books (various)

    Flip-flopped on the “Bridge to Nowhere”, pushed by a US Senator who’s now been indicted (various)

    Blows off a reception where she was to receive an award — so she can meet with AIPAC (

  2. Bill Bowman Says:

    She actually did fire that town librarian, after the librarian resisted Palin’s suggestion that she should ban some books. (The NYT had a story on that today).

    She wants to ban books. And, she issued an edict as mayor that no city employee could talk to the media without her permission.

    And, she fired many of the top officials left over from the previous administration.

    She’s a bible-thumping fascist. I’m torn between saying she needs to go, and saying she needs to stay because as more rational-minded people see what she’s all about, McCain’s candidacy will go right down the crapper.

    I mean, did this guy spend 10 minutes vetting this woman?

  3. Verite Says:

    Steve, watching the RNC creeped me out. As for Lieberman, who cares? The man’s already a Janus, but both his faces go retro.

  4. Caveat Says:

    It’s creep city. Thanks for the link, Verite.

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