Slow Learner

September 11, 2008

Earlier this year, David Mamet got a lot of attention for a Village Voice column headlined “Why I Am No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal.” Reading the column, one would have to conclude that the headline was only half-right: Mamet is certainly no longer a liberal, if he ever really warranted the label. But conservatives love their conversion narratives, and there was high-fiving across the swamps of wingerland over Mamet’s puerile musings.

I wonder how much attention will be paid to this Salon essay by winger radio squawker Michael Smerconish, who after watching seven years of the corrupt clown show called the “War On Terror” is finally ready to say he might vote for Barack Obama. Might. His reasons will not be surprising to anyone who reads this blog or others like it — Osama bin Laden and the other 9/11 masterminds remain at large,  Pakistan has been playing the Bush administration for a bunch of fools (not a difficult task), etc. — but apparently even this mild epiphany is enough to load Smerconish’s in-box with vitriolic winger e-mails.

Since political punditry has decayed to the point that the forum of public opinion resembles a day-care center for backward children, I guess we should applaud these baby steps. But people like Smerconish have been part of the problem for so long that I’ll need to see a lot more before I consider them part of the solution.


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