Must-See TV

September 28, 2008

Taxi to the Dark Side, Alex Gibney’s documentary about how the Bush administration got America into the torture business, debuts tomorrow night (Sept. 29) on HBO. In the clip posted above, Gibney talks with Rachel Maddow about the film and about how the moral squalor of Bush and his stooges has stained the good name of America.


One Response to “Must-See TV”

  1. familygathers Says:

    I saw this HBO special.

    What makes me the angriest about this whole thing, is how what Bush and his cronies did to shame America. This can only be done by someone who does not understand the reasons our fore fathers wrote the constitution. My only hope is that we can undo this horrible injustice, and prosecute all those responsible. There must be a way. I’m sure if there is justice, we’ll figure it out.

    It’s so important to teach our children about the history of this country so they don’t make this mistake too.

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