October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin managed to finish last night’s debate without knocking over her podium or getting her head stuck in a honey pot, so by the rock-bottom standards of movement conservatives her performance was a triumph, boners and all. But she didn’t fool anybody except the ones who are fools already — and the media news twinkies who grade Republicans on a sliding surrealistic scale. And let’s hope Gwen Ifill’s upcoming book about Barack Obama does well enough to let her retire, because she sure wasn’t up to this job.


One Response to “Palindrone”

  1. CParis Says:

    Sure, Palin is telegenic and can deliver a prepared speech – so give her a talk show and she can take on Oprah.

    Nothing I have seen, heard, or read about Gov Palin gives me a shred of assurance that she can handle the job of VP, much less step in as president if necessary.
    She is GW Bush II, with even less curiousity about the world and an even more limited personal background.

    Sarah Palin may be fine as governor of Alaska (I know she couldn’t even get elected mayor of any major city in the lower 48), but she would be eaten alive on the international stage.

    If I want folksy and down-home, I’ll watch a Reba rerun. If I want to hear a well read political speech, I’ll watch C-Span. Sen Biden came out of the debate looking like a statesman. Gov Palin came off like the head of the Wasilla PTA.

    We suffered through 9/11 with our doofus president; he bumbled into Iraq, crushed our economy and is leaving the US Treasury completely empty.
    To paraphrase Palin, “never again, never again.”

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