GOP Gets Its Freak On

October 7, 2008

When he was covering the Scopes anti-evolution trial in Tennessee, H.L. Mencken looked at the shrunken man William Jennings Bryan had become and said (I paraphrase), “It is a sad thing to begin as a hero and end as a buffoon.”

John McCain crossed the buffoon threshold a while ago. He could have had a change of heart and gone back to running an honorable campaign against Barack Obama, but all that ended when he picked Caribou Barbie for his running mate. Now the question has become whether McCain will end up a buffoon or mutate into something creepier and uglier before November mercifully rolls around and he receives his long pending shellacking from Obama. 

As his poll numbers drop and his support shrinks to a small band of racist knuckle-draggers, religious fruitcakes and over-the-hill party aparatchiks, McCain has thrown open the cellar doors and called out the trolls and goblins that have always packed the Republican Party’s basement. By endorsing these desperation ploys McCain reveals himself as a man beneath contempt, unfit for the presidency — a stain that extends to the GOP itself. There is room in American politics for a legitimate conservative voice. The Republican Party is not that voice. Removing it from power and clearing the way for a legitimate, responsible organization that respects American ideals is the most important task, right here and right now.


One Response to “GOP Gets Its Freak On”

  1. Chucky Says:

    The best comment on all this is nowhere to be found in the Liberal Media:

    The Republicans are throwing the election to the Democrats like it was a flaming bobcat on meth.

    Full commentary here.

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