The Republican War on Rationality

October 18, 2008

Today’s science question:

Q: What happens when irresistible facts meet an unmovable wingnut?

A: This is what happens. Be sure to read the comments field. Twenty-four-karat comedy gold.


7 Responses to “The Republican War on Rationality”

  1. […] post I have been attacked by many well-known bastions of anti-American socialism like Daily KOS, The Opinion Mill, and  My only regret is that my mistake gave these ideologues fodder for their […]

  2. Steven Hart Says:

    That’s the authoritative voice of conservatism speaking, folks.

  3. Caveat Says:

    How would you know, you bastion of anti-American socialism?

  4. Bill Bowman Says:

    Are you sure this guy is serious? I read some of his other posts, and it sounds a lot like satire…and when you read them in that context, they’re kind of funny …

  5. Steven Hart Says:

    I’ve come to think it probably is brilliant deadpan satire. But then you hear Bob Grant and Sean Hannity and you realize the real thing is indistinguishable from satire.

  6. […] it was The Opinion Mill, Cooking, Demwit, and Daily KOS.  I had made a simple mistake confusing the Ohio state […]

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