The King of the Boneheads

October 20, 2008

Those of you living outside New Jersey may not appreciate the pure shock many of us felt when we learned that the Asbury Park Press had endorsed Barack Obama. The Press is based in Ocean and Monmouth counties, where you will find wingerism in all its daffiest contradictions. They owe their property values to the Garden State Parkway, the construction of which turned pennies-an-acre mosquito plantations into million-dollar real estate — and their beaches to taxpayer-funded federal replenishment projects, yet they whine about getting the government off their backs and snarl in royalist outrage when other residents of the state try to use the beaches they squat alongside. In Revolutionary War times, what would become Monmouth County was royalist country, and then as now, the sandwingers want nothing more than to the bend the knee to some clown named George who thinks he was appointed by God to rule over them. And if King George II says John McCain is his divinely appointed successor, they won’t have to do much more twisting to get their brains around that.

That makes it all the more astonishing that the house organ of sandwinger country would allow a few wisps of reality to filter into its editorial board meeting. But whatever.

Go to the comments section, however, and the voice of the sandwinger rings out:

The headline is wrong it should’t say that Obaama is best suited to lead America it should say that Obama is best suited to destroy America. He is not for capitalism, he is for socialism ( just like Bill Ayres) there will be no such thing as the American dream if he gets into office. He wants change alright he wants the Goverement to control everthing and you can throw the bill of righs….right out the window. History has been known to repeat its self and this guy reminds me of HITLER!!!!
10/19/2008 9:00:47 AM

Here is a real classic. Note the violent rhetoric about taking Obama out.

Why is this article missing a journalist’s name, are they ashamed? We have two choices, take BO out on Nov 4th or wait till the damage is done and use the onerous impeachment process ( which will occur). Having a single party Congress, Senate and President will be like having a nuclear reactor without control rods . A Political Chernobyl will happen spreading its destructive radiation to the tax, education, health, military, financial, safety, economic and capitalist systems of the United States. Either the APP has a rogue journalist writing from his/her basement or the paper was out drinking all night. This is probably the most “spun” article ever written supporting BO. “Change” c’mon, tax cuts to those not paying = welfare, distribute wealth = socialism, Putin is not KGB = stupid, Challenging BO’s past as being “abrasive ” = camouflage and opening our courts to those who tried to kill or troops = aiding and abetting the enemy…Our enemies are laughing at us .

Funny how all summer we heard about lefties who allegedly wanted to re-enact the violent protests of the 1960s, while in the backwaters of America the real concern is the budding Timothy McVeighs who squat in their mental bunkers and fume at the prospect of a dark-skinned man becoming president. After eight years of thievery, incompetence and brazen exploitation of public fears, the Republicans have nothing left to run on but racism and stupidity and they’re playing those two cards for all they’re worth while conducting a below-the-radar drive to steal what they cannot openly win.

Endless shame on John McCain for leaping into this slime pit along with the rest of the GOP. He has enough sense to understand that any man who wins the election with this kind of sleaze cannot be the president of anything but a small band of morons and ideologues. At one time, John McCain dreamed of being president of the United States. This year he decided to settle for being king of the boneheads. That may be enough for John McCain, but it spells poison for the rest of us.


9 Responses to “The King of the Boneheads”

  1. Cautious Man Says:

    I hadn’t heard about the APP endorsing Obama. That’s amazing. The scary comments sort of put the lie to McCain campaign denials that they are fomenting this sort of hatred.

  2. Bill Bowman Says:

    I just love the comments some of those folks made: Obama’s rhetoric is “straight out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto,” Obama is Socialist, no, he’s a Communist. 40% of Americans don’t pay taxes (what?) I guess it would have been too much to expect these McCain mouth-breathers to offer any objections of substance.

    Nov. 5 ought to be interesting.

  3. Dan Says:

    I was born and raised in Monmouth County, and I am a congenital Democrat (long history about THAT) (We do exist). My mom still lives there, and had to call Sunday afternoon (after we’d spoken in the am) to let us know that the Press had endorsed Obama. It must be the end times. 😉

  4. Steven Hart Says:

    Obama is going to increase defense (so called) spending, wage more war in Afghanistan, develop clean (so called) coal, ignore the abuse of immigrant detainees, bail out criminals while he leaves tens of thousands (or is it hundreds of thousands?) of middle class citizens sold bad loans to be foreclosed upon. And…he’s going to turn his back on the one idea whose time has really come: Universal Healthcare. Explain to me why it would be so hard for the Asbury Park Press, much of Monmouth County and Colin Powell to support this guy? –dw

  5. Dan Says:

    Let me take a different tack, and come to the defense of Monmouth County. We are, indeed, in the “neither North Jersey nor South Jersey” part of the State. I’ll leave it to Steven and others to critique the Garden State Parkway, but let’s be honest. The “Jersey Shor” and its inherent attractiveness pre-date the GSP by at least a century. Long Branch, my home town, was indeed “America’s first seashore resort.” You know the Long Branch Saloon in Gunsmoke? What do you think it was named for?

    Asbury Part has been a destination since before the end of the 19th Century – folks (my grandparents included) came from NYC to honeymoon there – by boat from Manhattan to the Highlands area.

    Fort Monmouth was a major hub, especially during WWII, and many people relocated there to support the War effort.

    Yes, the Army Corp rebuilt the beaches (somewhat recently), and it’s a bit of a pain dealing with beach access if you don’t live nearby. But it’s still a lot easier than trying to get onto the beach on Cape Cod!

    But don’t blame Central Jersey for its current “value.” Rather, let’s ask the real question: How could the City Fathers of Asbury Park let a natural resource like a beautiful beach and oceanfront (and it HAS been beautiful without replenishment – look back at the 60;’s and 70’s)turn into something that looks like Beirut after a bombing?? Shells of highrises stopped dead in their tracks, boarded up boardwalk establishments, the HoJos in total disrepair, etc. Maybe it’s coming back, maybe not. But THAT’s where the real story is…. (in my humble opinion)

  6. Steven Hart Says:

    Dan is correct to point out that Long Branch and Cape May were luxury resorts well before the advent of the GSP. I think Asbury Park (and Ocean Grove) are separate cases in that they were planned as religious communities, just as Atlantic City was planned by a group of property investors as a low-cost report directly connected by rail to Camden and the Philadelphia masses. But the explosion of development in Ocean County would not have been possible without the GSP.

  7. Dan Says:

    (Just to close the loop) I’ll let others defend “the OC.” That’s not my gig, or fondness.

  8. Steven Hart Says:

    Didn’t the derelict high-rise in Asbury Park get imploded not too long ago? That has to be a sign of hope. Perhaps Mr. Bowman can bring us up to speed.

  9. Bill Bowman Says:

    Things are cracking in AP. That eyesore was imploded a year or two ago (I think you can still see the video somewhere on, and little by little, neighborhoods in the blocks west of the beach are coming back. Excellent restaurants, funky stores and really, really, overpriced residential units are taking the place of the bombed-out structures. Even the boardwalk is looking a little better.

    It won’t be anything like it was when I was a kid (I was born in Ft. Monmouth, but, like Dan, I spent part of my childhood in Long Branch), but I think it will be nice. Seems change comes to this part of the shore pretty regularly; the Long Branch and AP of the 1920s, 30s and 40s was nothing like it was when I was eating caramel apples and riding the merry-go-rounds.


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