You Know What Rolls Downhill

October 21, 2008

That intellectual grease trap known as Fox News has signed up Glenn Beck, whose rock-bottom ratings and bottom-feeding ways were a drag on the CNN Headline News operation, and more importantly, Judith Miller, whose “impressive resume” (or so it was described by a Fox mucketymuck) includes helping the Bush administration lie us into a catastrophic war in Iraq.

Since wingers don’t come any lower than Glenn Beck, his new job as a stableboy on the Murdoch ranch can’t be viewed as any kind of fall. But one can imagine Miller’s bafflement at how her career has unfolded. Instead of landing fat book contracts and a sinecure on the New York Times op-ed page alongside Maureen Dowd, she’s been mocked as a neocon sock puppet, jailed for contempt of court and forced to settle for paddling around in the stagnant think tank called the Manhattan Institute.

To hell with her and Beck, too. Let Rupert feed ’em. As Anthony Hopkins said so primly in Howards End, “Perhaps this is a case in which water has found its proper level.” Except water isn’t the substance I’m thinking about.


5 Responses to “You Know What Rolls Downhill”

  1. Bill Bowman Says:

    She also received an award from the Society of Professional Journalists, freedom of speech or something like that, for getting tossed in the klink. Which is why I will never support SPJ.

  2. Caveat Says:

    I caught Beck on TV in the spring when I was in the US. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. I remember asking if he actually worked there or if he was some jerkoff who seized the mike and they decided to let it ride.

    I guess it was both.

  3. Scott Stiefel Says:

    I’d never heard much about Beck before 2006, but he won my eternal contempt then when he asked Keith Ellison to prove to him that he wasn’t a terrorist.

  4. “That intellectual grease trap known as Fox News has signed up Glenn Beck …”

    Thanks Steve. Knowing that CNN will soon be a Beck-free-zone has just made my whole day.

  5. Chucky Says:

    Beck made his name in ’03 when he was still on radio only. How? Serving as an MC for pro-war rallies promoted by his syndicator Clear Channel. That got him his nightly gig with Headline News. (He never was on the main CNN channel AFAIK).

    This chickenhawk has publicly called for putting war opponents in concentration camps. Even Rush Limbaugh would not say anything like that on or off the air.

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