Shaking Off the Stupid

November 6, 2008

This video clip pretty much sums up how the past eight years have felt — particularly the seven that followed 9/11. In his blog yesterday, Paul Krugman referred to them as “the monster years” and hoped that Obama’s election spells the end of them. I think of it more as a period in which people who live in an exceptionally strange and menacing parallel universe were able to maintain themselves in power by exploiting fear and stupidity. Scan the wingerblogs today and check out the way conservatives are coping with the McCain defeat. With very few exceptions, they are secure in their ideological coccoon. Not the tiniest ray of doubt penetrates the realm where sordid, grubby figures like George W. Bush and Dick Cheny are stalwart warriors holding back the forces of terror. As far as they’re concerned, McCain was crazy enough.

America stared itself stupid after 9/11 and the results have been awful, for us and for the rest of the world. We’re shaking off the stupid now, but this fight sure ain’t over.


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