The Long Daydream Wanes

November 25, 2008

It’s end of days time for the Bush administration, which means two months of increased looting and plundering by Bush cronies while the Deciderer lets everything else slip.

With the increase in Red Sea piracy threatening to reduce shipping via the Suez Canal, Juan Cole wonders where “Bring ‘Em On” Bush put the ol’ swagger:

Wouldn’t it be in part the duty of President Bush and the US Navy to make sure there is security on the high seas?

I haven’t seen that Bush ever did anything about the problem.

But he didn’t hesitate to send two aircraft carriers at once into the Persian Gulf, just to tweak the Iranians.

Bush was like some yahoo on Dukes of Hazzard— he was always up for a hotrod street race, but he did not care anything about actually supplying security to anyone. His posturing, threats, and actually invasions have just left the legacy of a lawless world, and Red Sea piracy is only one manifestation of it.

Meanwhile, Matt Yglesias ponders the strange disconnect between the overwhelming task facing Obama’s economic team and the preoccupations of the mass market media:

It’s really eerie to watch the Bush administration meander along ruining the implementation of all these efforts to shore up the financial sector while the world of journalism is left to wonder who’s going to run which departments in an Obama administration.   

I feel like I’m trapped in the upper floors of a burning building hoping the whole thing won’t collapse before the competent firemen standing across the street are allowed to do their work. Meanwhile, the lower part of the building is controlled by retarded children carrying buckets of gasoline.


One Response to “The Long Daydream Wanes”

  1. CParis Says:

    “Meanwhile, the lower part of the building is controlled by retarded children carrying buckets of gasoline.”

    Now that’s just mean – at least the retarded children are trying to do something – probably some jerk named Shrubya told them they were carrying buckets of water!

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