The Final Fantasy

December 9, 2008

Leave it to Peggy Noonan, the magic dolphin lady herself, to articulate the last and most comforting lie to be cherished by conservatives as their nasty little boy prepares to toddle out of the White House:  “At least Bush kept us safe.”

I realize that the winger time sense is quite elastic, which is why they’re blaming Barack Obama — whose presidency hasn’t started yet — for a recession that began when Larry Kudlow was still squealing about a “Bush boom.” But anyone willing to look at a calendar can seen that it wasn’t Bill Clinton who was in the White House when the World Trade Center fell and the Pentagon shook. It wasn’t Clinton who laughed off the clear warning that al-Qaeda was ready to strike within the U.S. It wasn’t Clinton who sat like a doe-eyed child in that elementary school classroom while the worst terrorist attack in our history was carried out, and it wasn’t Clinton who let the mastermind of that attack get off scot-free.

I realize the conservatives insist on grading Bush along a pretty shallow curve, but in a sane world where wingers didn’t dominate punditry and Bush wasn’t being fellated around the clock by FoxNoise,  9/11 would have been grounds for impeachment, not celebration.  So the sentry allowed 9/11 to happen, but nothing of equal horror has happened since so we’ll just let that little mistake slide? Not on your life.

Magic thinking is the default mode of modern conservatism, so it’s hardly surprising that Bush’s supporters are constructing a Tolkien-style fantasy in which Dubya was the last king of Gondor and Obama will be the inept steward under whose watch all kinds of bad things will happen, until another great white daddy can be found to reclaim the throne. And if he carries the reforged Sword of Milton, maybe the magic marketplace fairies will come back, too.


One Response to “The Final Fantasy”

  1. CParis Says:

    Excellent insight!

    And you know, they never caught the Anthrax terrorist(s)
    all the “suspects” seem to have turned out to be bogus.

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