A Really Big Shoe

December 16, 2008

Having just read George W. Bush’s latest flip of the bird to America and the rest of the world on his bloody fiasco in Iraq, I now find myself wishing Muntander al-Zaidi’s aim had been just a little better.

But rather than mourn lost opportunities, let’s let that Iraqi journalist point the way to a proper sendoff for the Boy Emperor on Jan. 20. On that blessed Tuesday, let us all hang shoes from our roofs, porches and front doors. Maybe even dangle little Bush Push-Off shoes from our car antennae. Let the word go forth across the nation and around the world: Jan. 20, 2009 will be A Really Big Shoe, and I don’t just mean that in the Ed Sullivan sense.

We will mark the day by eating Sole Food: fillet of sole, shoe-fly pie — feel free to write in with your own suggestions. In fact, if you like you can e-mail images of your observance of the Really Big Shoe to The Opinion Mill and we’ll post them as possible.

Musical selections will also be appreciated. I’m starting my song list with “Glad to See You Go” by The Ramones, “Hit the Road, Jack,” by Ray Charles, and “The Time Has Come to Say Sayonara” from the M*A*S*H soundtrack.

Mean-spirited, you say? Just remember: the man who lied us into a ruinous war, trashed the economy, packed the judiciary with religious flakes, opened up the public coffers to looting by his cronies, and turned American into a torture-loving Third World nation is leaving office free of worries about impeachment, prosecution or even the loss of his pension. He isn’t even going to be tarred and feathered, or ridden out of D.C. on a rail. And he’s smirking about it the way Joe Mantegna smirked at Lindsay Crouse at the end of House of Games: “You must admit, we did have our fun.”

So let’s have ours. Good laughs are g0ng to be hard to come by as the damage from the Bush yearrs continues to spread.


4 Responses to “A Really Big Shoe”

  1. Scott Stiefel Says:

    Like a Good Old Shoe?

  2. Caveat Says:

    A bit broad, but how about the Frantics’ signature saying: “Boot to the Head – Nyah nyah!”

    Maybe it’s a Canuck thing.

    As for a theme song, there’s ‘Beware of Darkness’ by the late, great George Harrison.


  3. mark1147 Says:

    Shoes for industry, shoes for the dead!

    /Firesign Theater

  4. '08ama Says:

    Bush’s lasting legacy…

    A shoe flying thru the air heading for his head.


    wingnuts are right and us god-less libruls are wrong …. there IS a God !

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