December 22, 2008

I realize that mass-market talk radio has long been a right-wing aviary, but is adding more conservative parrots really the shrewdest move in the aftermath of a Democratic landslide? Especially when the radio market is already shrinking?

In this, I guess, the radio networks emulate the auto industry, which kept gorging on the profits from sport-utility vehicles instead of diversifying and improving its brands, even after it became obvious the situation would evaporate as soon as fuel prices rose. The difference is that while the collapse of the auto industry is a national concern, the end of the radio business will affect hardly anyone. Are there any radio stations left with a noticeable local or regional identity?


2 Responses to “WSUV”

  1. Chucky Says:

    The answer to that last question is yes — and where you live it’s not that hard to find.

  2. Bill Bowman Says:

    How did I know Chuck would respond to that?

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