January 11, 2009

My blogging in this space has been very spotty, for which I apologize. I’m suffering a stronger than usual case of post-election political exhaustion, made worse by the feeling that the Democrats, instead of moving into the next decade with renewed purpose and effectiveness, are getting ready to march back 10 years and resume cowering in terror whenever some Republican knuckledragger grunts at them.

Joe Lieberman, who called the party’s candidate a Marxist and campaigned on behalf of the GOP during the election, gets a free pass from the Democrats. Meanwhile, Howard Dean, whose 50-state strategy laid the groundwork for the Democratic sweep, is being treated like a idiot cousin by the people who kept the party wallowing in failure. Tom Daschle, who is supposed to lead the legislative campaign for healthcare reform, is already raising the white flag with Republicans, and Obama’s financial stimulus package is being prepped for failure by notions of “bipartisanship” and appealing to the Republican tax cuts uber alles mentality.

Maybe I’m just depressed. After all, Obama hasn’t even been sworn in yet. But circumstances are forcing me to double-down on the job and the search for paying freelance work, which means I’ll be on hiatus through the rest of January. Until Feb. 1, my thanks to all who keep visiting. Any blogging activity from me before then will be at my other site, which reflects the things that I want to concentrate on for the time being.


2 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. Caveat Says:

    I know how you feel about being depressed. What is it with the Dems, are they cowardly? You have to wonder. Obama sure isn’t so I hope he doesn’t let them drag him down.

    Enjoy the break, it’s nice to get away from the blog for a few weeks.

    Good luck with finding some work. If I needed a good columnist, I’d hire you.

  2. JohnR Says:

    Well, you know, that’s why so many of us feel a patronizing combination of pity and disgust for the Democratic Party. The modern standard-bearers of the party combine the stern morality of your average tapeworm with the proud self-respect of Uriah Heep, leavened with the keen intelligence of George’s friend Lennie. Of course, the modern Republican Party has entirely dispensed with such encumbrances as ethics, morals, sympathy, empathy, religious belief, respect for law, and rationality, in favor of a laser-like focus on the only principle that matters: self-indulgence in all things. In this case, as in all too many, the choice which is the lesser of two evils is so far the lesser as to almost make one ashamed to choose it.
    Enjoy your break!

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