Time Travel for Morons

July 13, 2010

So this is what reflexive anti-incumbency gets us: a trip back in time for New Jersey.

And with that trip we get a Republican on a jihad against public education, Leatherface-style slashing of public services, tax-cuts for the wealthy, increased costs for local governments, and a wagonload of discredited wingnut notions presented as policy.

Privatization proposals that will waste huge amounts of money? Check. Financial chicanery? Check.

It’s like the past decade never happened. Chris Christie is just George W. Bush with more cholesterol. Our only comfort is that unlike Dubya, he can’t lie us into invading another country.

On the other hand, he’s been eager to launch a war against unions and lie about it. So in this area as well, Christie resembles Dubya.


One Response to “Time Travel for Morons”

  1. Dan Ducore Says:

    Didn’t the war on the public employees’ unions and pension plans begin under Governor Whitman (if not earlier), when the accounts were tapped in order to “balance” the State’s budget? We’ve forgotten, but didn’t the public employees already make that sacrifice? And now, they’re being called out again as worse than selfish? Does anyone remember anything anymore?

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